Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (P1000*) – Android ICS CM9 MTD

Greetings Androidians! Clique Aqui para Português.
This is a download page to help CM9 enthusiasts, specially P1000N and P1000L that always get their kernels later than the regular P1000. These are my own builds, from the original sgt7 repo, no modifications.


New opensource partitioning type. Same partitions, just diferent type.
Easy to flash to, but you will have to full flash and repartition to go back do BML, the Saumsung proprietary partitioning, used in all other non-MTD ROMs.

CM9 UNOFFICIAL – sgt7 mtd repo, not official Cyanogenmod nightly.
The sgt7 repo is the original Te4m repo in the development thread, before the merge with CyanogenMod. It will be synced with CM, but will keep extra tweaks, such as the Trebuchet tweaks by sbradymobile and a better recovery.

(OBS: New CM9 builds already contain PDroid patches and @sbradymobile tweaks)

CM9 20120812 “STABLE”@cdesai‘s kernel, little updates and translations.

  • P1000N, md5sum: c5580776a128125988fe60b5ca0027cb
  • P1000L, md5sum: 52f56ce3b8a858d2f5554940b2cd9b15
  • P1000, md5sum: 0bc8101645b91229ab7cc50e2f88cef7
  • P1000CDMA, md5sum: 47d6d0a0a19ea0eabe7d372388eacdc7

CM9 20120707@cdesai‘s kernel, little things, @sbradymobile’s Trebuchet updates…

  • P1000N, md5sum: c02c29e579df5ec0786c8dcc7e22cebf
  • P1000L, md5sum: 6a1ef5a15c7d7619400af23e9bd6e902
  • P1000, md5sum: 15d78149c15bd4fde40c99a55a4c3d04
  • P1000CDMA, md5sum: db0ba4fb01a6f5860936aad9a8af6c4e

@humberos Kernels 20120627: changelog600MHz added for batt savings. CwM ZIP.

  • P1000N, md5sum: 3d2ea2cd38afb7eb877c6acc0fb6a33b
  • P1000L, md5sum: 279885dbbfe60dc2107e5d406242bf77
  • P1000, md5sum: fc26c3f2bd785c66e7a46d31be4d8cdc
  • P1000CDMA, md5sum: 49fd3d62706ec97b8ed41ba922144a09

CM9 20120628: @cdesai’s kernel, Fix sluggish to launch an app.
CM9 20120627: @cdesai’s kernel. like RC1?
@humberos Kernels 20120624: changelog: 1.3GHz and USB Fast Charge.
CM9 20120623: @cdesai‘s kernel, which seems more stable, trebuchet tweaks?
CM9 20120620: Lots of updates, logos, fixes… @humberos kernel
CM9 20120615: LiveOC disabled for stability, little fixes…
CM9 20120608: GPU OC,  fast charge, LiveOC, camera flash

GAPPS: You can flash both, first the old one with GMail, then the newest one.
CM9 4.0.3-4 20120317 / md5sum: dc560aa235e8dd8cb00df0cefb5abd38 – Includes GMAIL.
CM9 4.0.3-4 20120429 / md5sum: 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c – NO GMAIL.

Modem CwM flash updates for MTD ROMs, by cdesai.

PDroid Privacy Protection CwM Patch 20120812.

  • PDroid Patch Install, md5sum: dc9d45d793a7163742c6acdddf68324b
  • PDroid Patch Remove – re-flash your ROM, or copy the original 3 files.

NoMoarPowah! Galaxy Tab stockblue theme based on ironheart’s theme.



  • Use boot.img inside the ROM ZIPs if you want to try other CM9 MTD builds, like the CyanogenMod official and AOKP, which often don’t provide latin (P1000N/L) kernels.
  • Flash with heimdall like this:
    heimdall flash –kernel boot.img –recovery boot.img
  • Or just replace boot.img inside the ROM ZIP with your desired kernel.


ATENTION: I assume you are following the CM9 conversations in the XDA threads. Make sure you have the required flashing background. In sum, if not already in CM9:

  • Must be on Gingerbread.
  • Must be on ext4.
  • Must have CwM Recovery.

The Overcome guide is a good start before you get to CM9.

Easy restock from Gingerbread, in case you get any strange simptoms.

  • Flash full stock Gingerbread (with repartition).
  • Flash Kernel with CwM. Doesn’t have to be Overcome, could be any CF-root kernel for your model. You can use the same one in the CM9 ZIP that you will flash.
  • Boot directly into CwM Recovery, holding VolUp. No need to convert to ext4, since MTD will converto to yaffs2 anyways.
  • Flash CM9 ROM and GApps!


  • Coming from some variations of CM9 you might get assert error status 7. If you are up to editing the update script, try reading this post from HumberOS.
    Or try this in recovery, thanks ayysir.
    Else, do the full restock, Overcome dance.
  • Mobile, Data, 3G problems? This ROM comes with the JPZ modem. You might need to flash your customary modem back. Just copy your modem.bin to /radio in the Tab.
  • Laggy? Slow? Wipe Cache and Dalvik cache. Also try using the following configs in Performance Settings: Processor: Max CPU 1200MHz, Governor ONDEMANDX (go ahead and try others like SmartassV2, Smoothass and Lagfree). Memory Management: zRam 18%, Allow purgin assets and Kernel samepage merging (KSM). And reboot.
  • @sbradymobile – For anybody with a SystemUI FC on the newest build go into Settings > System > Combined bar expanded settings > Expanded settings entries and uncheck/recheck at least one of the settings (I will push the fix this morning).  You can now change the order as well.
  • Wifi sleeping: if your wifi is sleeping when it’s not supposed to, try setting Minimum CPU Speed to 200MHz.

Don’t forget to hit the  button on the XDA posts that you find helpful.

Cheers from Brasil!

Alroger “mobile” Jr

179 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (P1000*) – Android ICS CM9 MTD”

  1. 1
    cocox Says:

    3g and hsdpa dont work in 850mhz, in1900mhz only works 3g (gt-p1000n)

  2. 2
    Alroger Filho Says:

    I don’t know what that means… but must be modem related. Check your baseband in About Tablet… if it is JPZ, try flashing JP3.
    I have a P1000N too.

  3. 3
    cocox Says:

    I changed the band to JP3 as you suggest, now works correctly! Only I notice more battery consumption of the network. Thank you.

  4. 4
    omid Says:

    that`s the perfect cm9 rom i seen ever , thanks for your hard working

  5. 5
    azegc Says:

    P1000L – CM9 MTD 20120422 – Full ROM
    Its perfect!!, please dont forget P1000L upgrades.

  6. 6
    Magdy Says:

    I’m now on 20120422 but i see that there is 20120424 here but not yet tested can you please pose a small change-log of the new versions you upload. Thanks

    BTW, 20120422 build is awesome..

  7. 7
    cinq Says:

    Installed “CM9 MTD 20120422 – Full ROM + PDroid Patch + 16MB radio/modem patch”:
    Start install zip, got an error like “No such…”, quick reboot. Back to CWM, installed a second time, ok, no reboot now, installed gapps. dbdata was missing on wipe data/factory

    Looks nice, will test more

  8. 8
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t make them.. I just compile them. So I wouldn’t know what’s in the change log.
    I do follow the development thread closely, so when I do know of something interesting I will certainly mention it, like the radio partition size patch, camera fixes, etc.

    I will post the 20120424 build as the last build before partition changes that were committed today. Supposedly after today we will need to restock to go to the new builds. I will try to make it clear when I do have the new builds.

  9. 9
    Daniel Weck Says:

    QUOTE Alroger Filho:
    I will post the 20120424 build as the last build before partition changes that were committed today. Supposedly after today we will need to restock to go to the new builds. I will try to make it clear when I do have the new builds.

    Re-stocking is a real pain, I have asked the devs to see if there is an alternative solution that doesn’t require wiping everything from scratch again:


    Thanks for your builds alroger!!! :)

  10. 10
    Daniel Weck Says:

    Does build 2012-04-24 include the 16MB radio/modem patch? (it is not clear from the description, compared to 2012-04-22)
    Thanks! Dan

  11. 11
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Nope. No radio/modem patch on 20120424. Something changed in the way repo works that I can’t edit the file before compiling everything… cause the file hasn’t even been downloaded yet when I start brunch.

  12. 12
    Alroger Filho Says:

    But I don’t really see any interesting news after the 17th… in 22nd the camera fixes are all in already, but not the Camera.apk. That’s all I know of interesting changes.

  13. 13
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Sorry, there will be no 20120424 for CDMA… the way the repo works now made it download p1c today during compile, which must have the new partition sizes and requires stock. Eventhough I synced the repo yesterday, the p1c part was not synced yesterday.

  14. 14
    Daniel Weck Says:

    I have just successfully flashed “CM9 MTD 20120424 – Full ROM + PDroid Patch”, followed by Gapps (2012-04-22), then CameraUpdates.zip (to get Camera.apk). Obviously I cleared cache + dalvik cache.

    My usual procedure is: boot into system, try a 2G phone call, update AdAway hosts (similar to AdBlock), delete ROMManager and GenieWidget from /system/app/ using RootExplorer, check Superuser (su binary update), verify DroidWall iptables, and finally rescan PDroid app cache. All working nicely! :)

    Unless something really important is fixed in upstream CM9 code repository (and subsequently pulled into sgt7 repository), I will probably stick to alroger’s 2012-04-24 for a while. I can’t be bothered to restock from scratch! :(

  15. 15
    Nitty Says:

    P1000 – 20120424 – ROM+PDroid
    Works perfectly. No probs so far :-)

  16. 16
    Xeno Says:

    flashed CM9 MTD 20120425 – Full ROM + PDroid Patch – new partition layout
    on top of the 24rth, without restocking.

    Works as should so far; didn’t notice any problem till now.
    I’ll repost here if I find a problem.

    Thank you!

  17. 17
    Parmeswor Says:

    Installed but…GAPPS does not install apps like youtube, google map etc…

  18. 18
    omid Says:

    there is any problem if i flash previous version of this google app ?

  19. 19
    Alroger Filho Says:

    No problem.. you can flash any MTD version without worries.
    Compiling and uploading the latest fixed.

  20. 20
    Alroger Filho Says:

    No, GAPPS doesn’t include youtube and maps. Those are market applications.

  21. 21
    lucky24x7 Says:

    I flashed your latest 20120425 on P1000. My mobile network doesn’twork anymore.Then I tried to flash previous versions in which it used to work.. but again it didn’t….. please help!

  22. 22
    Daniel Weck Says:

    lucky24x7, did you flash from build 2012-04-24, or a build anterior to that?
    (you probably need to restock, which erases everything, including SD card)

  23. 23
    Alroger Filho Says:

    lucky, did you try copying modem.bin into /radio again?

  24. 24
    lucky24x7 Says:

    Yes I did copy..nothing happened. Problem is that when I try to flash some previous from like eaut’s 15th April or humberOS’s initial ones or cyanogenmod 9…it flashes but it remains same current settings and ROM 20120425 Android 4.0.4 of your….still mobile network problem…. help!

  25. 25
    Alroger Filho Says:

    guys, I will be logged on ##galaxytab7-ics @ freenode if you want to chat. I might not respond right away, but I’m watching and trying to help.

    I would check ls -l /efs/imei. If it’s empty, then you got the same problem I had, and you can cp -r /sdcard/backup/efs/imei /efs/, to restore the backup that was made from the flashing.

    If it’s not empty, I suggest restock to factory defaults and start clean.

  26. 26
    graciano Says:


    flash modem.bin with adb push.
    I´ve had the same Probs. Then it works.

  27. 27
    jeedz Says:

    i try this P1000 (CM9 MTD 20120425b – Full ROM – new partition layout)

    i’m so happy

    thank a lot Alroger

  28. 28
    Xeno Says:

    @alroger: is your 25b build integrating the solution to the partition offset problem?

  29. 29
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Yes, 25b is build 25 FIXED.

  30. 30
    Xeno Says:

    Thank you, alroger!

  31. 31
    xerox Says:

    What is this md5 in the download area? is that too needed to be flashed?

  32. 32
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Md5 sum check for the download. With it you can check if the download is authentic and was downloaded 100% perfect.

  33. 33
    xerox Says:

    how to check?

  34. 34
    Xeno Says:

    CM9 MTD 20120425b – Full ROM + pdroid patch : flashed flawlessly.

    tested phone, bluetooth, pdroid, video.. everything ok.

    Thank you!

  35. 35
    Alroger Filho Says:

    it’s just a big number. Google it!

  36. 36
    jtkes693 Says:

    are all the modems gsm specific are there any that work with the vzw tab

  37. 37
    Alroger Filho Says:

    no they are not specific.. you gotta know which one is right for you. Look THE XDA modem thread.. has lots of info there. cdesai just did us a favor of packing them on easy flashed for MTD ROMs.
    Take note of your Baseband modem in Settings/About Tablet. If you know what you had working before, then look for that one. Modems are not ROM specific.

  38. 38
    Howee Says:

    People can’t open dropbox here, can you tansfer it to ubuntuone as uaual?

  39. 39
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Sorry about that.. UbuntuOne is very slow for uploads since yesterday.. I’m uploading… but it says more than 5h to do it…
    As soon as it’s up I will update the links to UbuntuOne.

  40. 40
    Alroger Filho Says:

    P1000 is up on UbuntuOne…

  41. 41
    Well Says:

    Hi Alroger,

    I have P1000L, with HumberOSv2.1 and P1000LVJJP2 baseband version, from Brazil. What modem type you suggest to me? Preferred 850 and 2100MHz.



  42. 42
    Alroger Filho Says:

    I suggest you stick with what works best for you! And you can try them all if you want, to find the best one for you. Make sure you backup yours, or have your original stock ROM in case you need your modem.bin and it’s not on cdesai’s list.
    I use JP3 just fine in Brazil.
    The modem has no ties with ROM versions.

  43. 43
    Howee Says:

    Hi Alroger,

    I like the smaller app icons in your builds, please always keep this function. your rom is working more and more smooth, I like it. Thanks very much for your efforts!

  44. 44
    azegc Says:

    Latest ROM: CM9 MTD 20120424 – Full ROM, its fine so far. But, I upgraded my modem to JP3, and couldn’t connect to my carrier (Claro – Peru). So, i have to reinstall my orignal modem.bin JJ4 from my froyo 2.2 nand backup. Now a can reach 3G and H connections.

    If someone has a better modem version that works with claro carrier (Peru), i will appreciate to send me which version works better.


    PD. This is my JJ4 modem from Froyo 2.2, Claro Carrier (Peru).

  45. 45
    Padet Says:

    I just tested “CM9 MTD 20120430” and found WIFI problem. I can’t toggle on wifi anymore after update to latest build

  46. 46
    Howee Says:

    The same problem, CM9 MTD 20120430. I can’t connect to wifi.

  47. 48
    azegc Says:

    I have a problem, suddently i can’t connect to my carrier (claro – peru). I tried with JP1 (samfirmware), JP3 and JPZ (from cesai list), and JJ4 from my froyo backup, with no luck!!

    Anyone with the same problem?? Is there any workaround?


    PD. Even *#7465625# magic number don’t work.

  48. 49
    omid Says:

    for latest rom (20120503) we must flash modem updat ? it`s necessary ?

  49. 50
    Juan Says:

    Tudo funcionando aqui! Muito obrigado! Prefiro suas builds por conta de todas as customizações que dá pra fazer no trebuchet!

  50. 51
    Alroger Filho Says:

    azegc, in About Tablet what does it say in BASEBAND?

  51. 52
    kathvings Says:

    CM9 MTD 20120504 – Full ROM

    WiFi now running great, between Flight mode WiFi ISP no problem switching more!

  52. 53
    Cesar Mietti Says:

    Olá, tudo bem? Estou usando sua CM9 MTD 20120504 – Full ROM, meu tab desliga quando tiro uma foto com ele com a câmera traseira, tem idéia do que pode estar acontecendo? Obrigado!

  53. 54
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Nunca vi desligar.. mas 2 ideais:
    -remova todos UnderVolting (UV) / e ou OverClocking (OC) para testar sem nada.
    -limpa o cache e dados do aplicativo da camera.

    Em ultimo caso um factory wipe pode ajudar tambem.

  54. 55
    RodBelaFarin Says:

    A just wanted to say: THANK YOU sooo much!

  55. 56
    jeedz Says:

    20120508 is very slow for me, and notification bar alway error it’s can’t hide

    now i’m back to 20120504

  56. 57
    graciano Says:

    Updated to 20120508 justwipe cache/dalvik.
    Wifi / Data OK!
    Very very good rom! Thank you very much!

    just one Problem:
    – Notification bar can’t hide.

  57. 58
    Andrey Says:

    Hi Alroger Filho!
    Thank you and other team member for your great work! In 20120508 lock screen nice, but the lower icon don’t placed in screen.

  58. 59
    Bruno Says:

    Alroger, instalei o nightly 20120508 (get.cm/?device=p1 que por sinal amanheceu hoje fora do ar, ia baixar o 20120509) sobre o do dia 20120507 e meu GT-1000 ficou muito lento. A sua versão 20120508 é diferente? Fiquei com vontade de testar sua versão por conta de customizações que parecem estar incluídas na ROM.

  59. 60
    Alroger Filho Says:

    20120508 fine for me… very smooth.. I added a couple performance tips in the Troubleshoot section above. If it’s laggy, you need to wipe somehing!

  60. 61
    Peto Says:

    When connecting the dock samsung tv some videos are slow, which does not pass to be off the dock, it will be?

  61. 62
    jeanmarc Says:

    20120508 is very slow, i wiped cache and dalvick and it stills slow. im back to 20120505 and its great.

  62. 63
    RodBelaFarin Says:

    Hi, I tested wi-fi direct yesterday and it doesnt work right until now. Pairing is no problem, but filesharing seems unpossible yet. (Tested with a galaxy S2 as partnerdevice. There you could choose file sharing via wifi direct, but nothing happened. On the SGT i also couldnt choose this opinion.)

  63. 64
    Alroger Filho Says:

    20120510 fixes lag problems.

  64. 65
    Fer Loo Says:

    the hidde option of notification bar on holding power button menu dont works on 20120508

  65. 66
    Magdy Says:

    Hi Alroger why you didn’t host 20120510 update here I always use your builds I think yours is better.

  66. 67
    Alroger Filho Says:

    I was about to upload them when the power went down all around my region. I will post them in a few hours.
    Humberos’ build should be just about the same.

  67. 68
    Magdy Says:

    no I tried it before, my HD videos was blinking while playing but your build in the same date was better.

    I think it was 20120505.

  68. 69
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Ok, power back up… ETA 2h.

    Remember that humberos had his build out very early today… so mine might have more fixes. Specially latelly when things are moving fast.

  69. 70
    Magdy Says:

    Thanks I can’t wait, and thanks again for bringing these awesome builds for us.

  70. 71
    pisit Says:

    which modem file for P1000T and what PDroid Patch Install is?

  71. 72
    Daniel Weck Says:

    May 10th build makes my GT-P1000 hot, battery goes down quick, and device goes dead after sleep (black screen)…reboot by long-pressing the power button is required.
    I was using 1.2GHz CPU max, OnDemandX governor, but this was configured via SetCPU.
    I have now disabled SetCPU and I will try with the built-in settings panel. I have also unticked “Force GPU rendering” in the “Development” section. Let’s see if this fixes the problem.
    Regards, Dan

  72. 73
    Alroger Filho Says:

    hmm, when I woke up my tab was locked up too.

    @pisit use the modem that you are used to… PDroid – just click que PDroid link to find out.

  73. 74
    Paulo Eduardo Says:

    I can’t download the latest rom. I’m using P1000L. The download link is broken.

  74. 75
    Alroger Filho Says:

    I just tested all 20120510 links… they are working.
    I uploaded to P1000L to dropbox if it helps:

  75. 76
    Paulo Eduardo Says:

    Thanks Alroger… now I was able to download it!

  76. 77
    Chris Says:

    20120510 hide show statusbar not working

  77. 78
    Rafael Says:

    I cant install the latest buil “20120514” on my P1000N, well i cant download it either but i get it from XDA Forums on cdesai thread´s and when i tried it sent this message: assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “galaxytab”…

    im pretty sure i got the right .zip, so i dont know whats the problem.. can anybody help me with this?

  78. 79
    omid Says:

    20120514 auto hide show statusbar not working and many fc too

  79. 80
    Alroger Filho Says:

    People don’t forget to READ. Troubleshooting has solution for SystemUI FCs.

  80. 81
    hobbes Says:

    Last troubleshoot item solved the problem with status bar to me.

  81. 82
    graciano Says:

    FC´s fixed with troubelshout!

    The Problem that the Status bar does not hide still exitsts!

  82. 83
    Paulo Eduardo Says:

    I tried to install the 20120516 update but appears an error message:
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “galaxytab” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “galaxytab” || getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “GT-P1000L” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “GT-P1000L”
    E: Error in /sdcard/update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-p1l-UNOFFICIAL-20120516-signed.zip (Status 7)

    What should I do to resolv it?

  83. 84
    Paulo Eduardo Souza Says:

    I tried to install the 20120516 update but appears an error message:
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “galaxytab” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “galaxytab” || getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “GT-P1000L” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “GT-P1000L”
    E: Error in /sdcard/update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-p1l-UNOFFICIAL-20120516-signed.zip (Status 7)

    What should I do to resolv it?

  84. 85
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Guys, we need to remove the “assert” line from the update-script as describe by Humberos in the troubleshooting above.
    Old bug back.

  85. 86
    Paulo Eduardo Souza Says:

    I’m so sorry I didn’t notice this issue in the troublesooting above. Thanks anyway.
    I edited and erased the script and installed perfectly.

  86. 87
    Paulo Eduardo Souza Says:

    Is there any chance to make the TV avaiable in ICS?

  87. 88
    Hobbes Says:

    Could not install 20120516 due to assert problem. I think I will wait for a new version instead. Dont feel confortable with the Humberos instructions on this.

    But im getting a problem with the contacts app at the 20120514. Have tried to force stop and to clean cache, but didn’t work at all. Am I the only one?

  88. 89
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Contacts seems ok, but my shortcuts/speeddials FC for me.

  89. 90
    jeedz Says:

    @Alroger Filho

    for me speeddials work fine

  90. 91
    Monica Says:

    Can anyone here plz help me! Oh tell me how to remove the assert line in order to install the latest ROM!!

  91. 92
    Mihael Says:

    Why am I very much overheated device, and how to solve this problem?

  92. 93
    Rose Cruz Says:

    I´m having the same problem… Just dont know how to remove the assert line and make it works… waiting for the next version

  93. 94
    Leandro Romao Says:

    16-05 release has the same error with get.prop assert.
    Will try to remove the lines with notepad++ to see if it solves…

  94. 95
    Leandro Romao Says:

    Okay! It solved the problem!

    Here’s how:

    1 – Download notepad++ (google it!)
    2 – open the update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-p1l-UNOFFICIAL-20120516-signed.zip (or whatever your release is) with winrar, navigate to META-INF/com/google/android and extract the “updater-script”
    3 – open it with notepad++ and delete the 2 first lines of the file! (don’t leave any space of the lines you deleted!)
    4 – delete the original “updater-script” from inside the zip and drag and drop the one you edited to the same folder insite the zip.

    Good luck!

  95. 96
    Rose Cruz Says:

    Leandro Romao

    Thanks for the help! It works now

    Installing at this moment

    Nice weekend!

  96. 97
    lucky24x7 Says:

    Any new updates in release of 20120519? Besides the removal of assert?

  97. 98
    mdb Says:

    I’ve just upgraded from build 20120514 from HumberOS to 20120519 from Alroger, smooth, camera is not crashing any more.
    Great work!

  98. 99
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Dropbox P1000 download of 20120519 for anyone that have problems downloading from UbuntuOne.

  99. 100
    Pisit Says:

    bug report: when in call if i turn down the volume under 45% or less the sound will be mute.

  100. 101
    Kenji Says:

    20120522 doesn’t have stock music player.

  101. 102
    Kade Says:

    I’ve just flashed CM9 4.0.3-4 20120429 on P1000.
    My galaxy tab doesn’t work on email (application).
    Rom has always force closed.

    Another applications are good.

  102. 103
    Rose Cruz Says:

    My camera is crashing…

  103. 104
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Saiu uma versão com vário fixes e patches, build 20120527, espero que você Alroger compile essa versão para nós! Um grande abraço a todos que tem GT-P1000… que os desenvolvedores não desistam de nós!
    There is a new version with various fixes and patches, build 20120527, hope you Alroger compile this version for us! A big hug to everyone who has GT-P1000 … that developers do not give up on us!

  104. 105
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Sim! Compilando…

  105. 106
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Espero que você consiga compilar… obrigado por ser tão prestativo!
    I hope you can build it … thanks for being so helpful!

  106. 107
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    A próxima nightly build vai ter uma enxurrada de atualizações… 20120529… espere sair essa para compilar Alroger, acho melhor que a do dia 27 e do dia 28.

  107. 108
    AKAnoodle Says:

    HiAlroger, thx for your job, your ROMs is good
    I ‘ve P1000CDMA, pls compil the CDMA ver.

  108. 109
    1 Says:

    can do for P1000CDMA

  109. 110
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Saiu a nightly do dia 29 com mega pacotão de atualizações!

  110. 111
    kmwnab Says:

    Lastly, kindly explain:

    Ogiginalny post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=26766413&postcount=3610

    Guys, why is the assert function back into the update-script? It never works! Since the 19th I have to remove it manually from every build.

    What exactly do you delete a file, and for what? And write, the path to the file.

  111. 112
    Alroger Filho Says:

    If you are asking me to explain:
    the update script contains a check to see if you are trying to flash the ROM into the correct device. but this check never worked and I have to remove it from each script each time I make a new build, so you guys dont get an error 7 (assert) trying to flash the ROM, as described in Troubleshooting.

    Thats why I asked the DEVs why did this check come back into the script. It was removed long time ago and then it came back.

    Delete a file?

  112. 113
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Totally Agree with Alroger Filho. The script is bugged. It always got an error 7 (assert) since build 20120519.

  113. 114
    Lucky24x7 Says:

    I tried the latest… What do you mean by saying happy birthday..?

  114. 115
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Nightly 20120603 parace estar recheado. Será que melhorou algo?

  115. 116
    smith Says:

    I am on CM9 build of june 1.
    I have got some erroe with my lock screen(PIN), there is no number being displayed…how to unlock my phone now?

  116. 117
    RodBelaFarin Says:

    @smith: try to start without sim and disable the physical keyboard in options.

  117. 118
    jeedz Says:

    Can’t download P1000 build 20120605

    It’s say “Could not locate object”

    thank for ur support

  118. 119
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Problem with UbuntuOne… should came back in a bit.

  119. 120
    Hobbes Says:

    I have a problem with mtd table that dont let me install anything with recovery. it restarts every time I try to install. Can anyone give me a hint of what to do?

  120. 121
    Rui Says:

    Greetings from Germany…
    i cant download the newest CM9 for P1000 from 20120605

    link: http://ubuntuone.com/2p7VpjlMkWFrBAMccyfl6B

    I look in a few days again.

    Thanks for it.

  121. 122
    kmwnab Says:

    Please laid out its own file local_manifest.xml, and then compile all the time what the errors.

  122. 123
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Hahaha, an hour after sharing the P1000 via DropBox:
    This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function normally with the exception of Public links.

    I’m gonna use a new share and update it.

  123. 124
    kmwnab Says:

    Please laid out its own file local_manifest.xml, and then compile all the time what the errors.
    repo init -u git://github.com/sgt7/android.git -b ics
    repo sync
    . build/envsetup.sh && brunch p1
    Error ROM Manager. Please help me.
    File Build.sh removed. Do I perform a command?

  124. 125
    Alroger Filho Says:

    I don’t understand what you are saying, man.
    If you are trying to build your own, here is my build tips:

    This is the part that downloads ROM Manager:
    cd vendor/cm
    cd ../..

    Maybe if you write in your own languange I can translate and understand better.

  125. 126
    RodBelaFarin Says:

    i also smiled when i saw that the dropboxlink was down because of too much traffic ;D

    new version with pdroid patch included is perfect! you do not need to compile every part it’s own and i don’t need to flash every .zip it’s own :)

  126. 127
    a-vista Says:


    Parabens, a ultima ROM (8/6) esta excelente…

  127. 128
    Alexander Partola Says:

    Hi, Alroger!
    Your builds of CM( for P1000 is always very good. Thank you very much! But in your last build HumberOS kernel was included. It have some bugs, like tab freeze on 1,4Ghz. On previous builds all frequences works like a charm. I think HumberOS don’t work on his kernels not accurately since he buy his new toy. And P1000 not his priority now. For example, problem with error in MTD partitioning wasn’t resolved in many bulds from him. Why you use his kernels? In my opinion, his kernels has only one good thing. It’s recovery version.

  128. 129
    ?????? Says:

    ?????? ???? ??????. ??????-?? ?? ?????????? S\N ???????? ?????.IMEI- ?????????? ??????.? ???????? ????? ?? ?????.???????? ? ????????? ????? efs ??? ???? ??????? ???.put your assembly. well, but does not define S \ N Serial nomer.IMEI OK.-defines the serial number is not a backup folder and hochet.vstavlyal efs how to be who can help

  129. 130
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Tentei instalar a versão do dia 20120611, mas está com aquele velho problema de assert error 7. Vou mais tarde tentar modificar o arquivo e instalar novamente.

  130. 131
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Após modificar o arquivo instalou perfeitamente.

  131. 132
    Howee Says:

    People can’t download here, can you tansfer it to ubuntuone as uaual? Thanks.

  132. 133
    Robert Says:

    I’m VERY happy with the latest build 20120808 – It’s like having a new device! I did have one question – I see there have been MAJOR speed improvements on Android from this company called Linaro:


    I also see that Cyanogenmod team is working on folding those changes into CM9.

    When will this build have them?

  133. 134
    RodBelaFarin Says:

    20120808 :O

    men, you’re in future 😀
    latest bild is 20120615 and that works fine. hope build from 20120808 really make me thinking that i have new device and i’m dreaming of this speedimprovements you’re talking about 😉

  134. 135
    Anônimo Says:

    […] […]

  135. 136
    Aniruth Says:

    Request to developer team add keyboard thailand language in neat builds. please!!!!

  136. 137
    dmonz Says:

    i have been install latest build 20120615 3 days ago and I got a bug, ums not working properly. the device always reboot when i try to turn on usb storage. please..can you fix it. thanks a lot before

  137. 138
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Alroger, great build 20120620! Thanks a lot!

  138. 139
    a-vista Says:

    A ultima ROM 20-6-12 está muito bom..sem FC e otima velocidade!
    ALROGER, você poderia fazer um tutorial (com scripst e tal) de como fazer a nossa ROM..sem que já existe alguns tutos no XDA…mas do modo que você está fazendo (pegando o melhor do T4AM, do Humberto, etc…) seve ser um pouco diferente…
    Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho.

  139. 140
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Veja meu link acima, no comeco do post… My build tips on XDA.
    Sempre faco minhas anotacoes sobre compilacao lá.
    No momento tem as dicas pra usar o git do humberos para kernel e do sbradymobile para trebuchet, settings, etc.
    Veja se ajuda. O resto é padrao Android/CM9 de comiplacao.

  140. 141
    daemonrj Says:

    Parabens Alroger!!! Tuas roms estão cada vez melhores.

  141. 142
    Danny Says:

    Hello, is the md5sum correct for p1000 build 20120620?
    I tried more times on diferent devices but i’m geting

    Thank you

  142. 143
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Yeah, something with dev-host. Even the dev-host’s md5sum was changed.

  143. 144
    Danny Says:

    Thank you very much.

  144. 145
    Guilherme Labrego Says:

    Cara, eu tenho um Galaxy Tab e um Motorola Defy, no Defy eu consigo fazer dual-boot e assim testo a CM9 enquanto tenho a CM7, tudo bem estável. Existe alguma opção parecida para o meu P1000L, para que assim possa continuar usado a TV? Grato, Labrego.

  145. 146
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Nao, infelizmente (ainda) nao.

  146. 148
    Pradita Utama Says:

    Hi Alroger,

    thank you for sharing us! :)
    is there any ubuntuone link ? d-h.st url is blocked by company’s sysadmin 😀

  147. 149
    Peet Says:

    will we can see JB for GTab Classic?

  148. 150
    José Neto Says:

    Também quero ver o Jelly Bean no nosso Tab P1000!!!
    Será que dá ou não?

  149. 151
    @PauloUberaba Says:

    Waiting for TV…. glade you continue supporting GT classic Alroger!

  150. 152
    underTheHood Says:

    hi alroger, I have P1000N with stock froyo, how do I flashing with your ROM? since overcome can not apply to my P1000N. your hwlp wolud be much apreciate.
    thanks before

  151. 153
    Alroger Filho Says:

    yes, Overcome applies to P1000N also. pay attention to the procedures. what’s important is the procudure to unlock your bootloaders and there is a specific download for P1000N for that. read carefully.

  152. 154
    underTheHood Says:

    I can’t figure out where is the part for how to unlock the bootloader, can you specify it for me? the link maybe? thanks in advice..,

  153. 155
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Well, it’s all in the Overcome Guide. You better read carefully so you don’t miss anything.
    It says “Preppin’ The System…” and the in big RED LETTERs:

    Then you have the instructions on how to root and how to unlock your bootloaders. The bootloaders take you to a link with 2 downloads. 1 for regular P1000 Tablets and the other for P1000 N and L, AKA Latin Tabs.

  154. 156
    underTheHood Says:

    ok, ton of thanks alroger, i figure out it now

  155. 157
    looigi Says:

    Super… 20120707 great rom. A single question: otg usb don’t works?

  156. 159
    Hobbes Says:

    Any info on upcoming versions? Maybe JellyBean? Just maybe?

  157. 160
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Just watch the DEVelopment thread!

  158. 161
    José Neto Says:

    Pessoal, nessa vida de navegação, achei um vídeo do Baixaki falando do nosso querido CM9, e até que eles elogiaram a rom. Agora pergunto a vocês, o 3G realmente não funciona ou está errado o vídeo?
    O meu aqui nunca conectou em 3G, e olha que sou do Rio de Janeiro e a cobertura é boa. meu P1000l só fica com sinal de “H” na conexão. abraço a todos.

    link do vídeo: http://youtu.be/m8vcUNx1c80

  159. 162
    Andpesk Says:

    after flashing by CM9 20120707 Tab P1000 doesn’t recognize it’s serial number. Why?

  160. 163
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Claro que o 3G funciona! Dicas de modems no artigo. No Brasil usamos outros modems. Anote o que vc usa atualmente antes de tentar o CM9.

  161. 164
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Why? Cause you got some problem. If you dont find the problem then restock and try from scratch!

  162. 165
    Mauricio Says:


    Eu estava usando muito bem a rom 20120707 e resolvi subir pra CM9 oficial 20120719.
    O touch parou de funcionar. Além de não poder desbloquear a tela ou inserir o PIN, assim que a tela desligava, sumia para todo o sempre.

    Somente ressucitava entrando em recovery e dando wipe em tudo. Mesmo assim, o problema persistia. Tenho um P1000L.
    Fiz restock p/ 2.3.3 e estou pensando em voltar definitivo p/ HumberOS, pois não tenho tido muitas alegrias (diversos bugs, travamentos e flashs mal sucedidos, mesmo seguindo todas as dicas, além de a bateria durar de um dia p/ o outro sendo que somente utilizo o tab à noite) com o CM9 e a TV faz o tablet antigo um pouco mais atraente em relação aos demais…

    Abraços e sucesso com o desenvolvimento!

  163. 166
    Alroger Filho Says:

    Falta de touch significa kernel errado. Isso acontece qdo faz um flash do P1000 no P1000L ou P1000N. Verifique o nome de arquivo que vc usou… deve ser p1, ao invez de ser p1l.

    De qualquer forma nao existe nenhum novidade apos minha ultima build 20120707, nem no oficial nem no do nosso Te4m sgt7 (para Galaxy Tabs quero dizer). E o CM9 oficial nao tem tudo que o nosso tem.

    O kernel do Humberto ainda tem suas instabilidades.. estou usando o do cdesai ultimamente, que esta dentro do nosso build 20120707.

  164. 167
    RodBelaFarin Says:

    hi Alroger,

    there is still a higher priority bug in a lot of the last roms.

    by flashing the newest ICS roms the MAC adress changes to a new one. also trying to change it back manually does not work.
    we tried to change to old MAC address by editing the file “/data/.nvram_net.txt” (WLAN switched off, with root access). Saving was successful, the changed value was available after reopening it.

    but unfortunately: after restarting the tablet the change is lost and the tablet sets the other MAC adress again. also in nvram_net.txt it changes back.
    do you have any idea how to restore the old MAC address? thanks in advance!

  165. 168
    Alroger Filho Says:

    No such problem anymore. You must restock, check that you have your correct IMEI, modem and MAC and flash the latest CM9.

    If you tried several builds since the ICS/CM9 builds started testing you might have gotten that problem, and you need to the restock from scracth.

    Latest CM9 does not alter IMEI, MAC, S/N or anything.

  166. 169
    Alroger Filho Says:


    at least the Te4m sgt7 builds! I don’t usually try the Official nightly builds.

  167. 171
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